Posted by: Stan Russell | February 26, 2010

Esalen Workshops Offered at Discount to Big Sur Residents

Big Sur residents (those in the 93920 area code + Palo Colorado) are invited to attend the following upcoming Esalen workshops at a discount when you stay off-property. The local rate for a weekend workshop is $200 and a week-long workshop is $500. This includes all meals, movement classes and the baths. For details and to register, please call 831-667-3005.

March 7-12, 2010 – Alchemy in Art: Glass Fusing with Dana Zed
Art is a happy kind of magic and glass is a particularly magical medium. Clear as water, strong like stone, transparent yet solid, glass can be invisible and yet act as a barrier. Being a synthesis of opposites, it is an ideal medium for us to express our spiritual nature. Participants learn a variety of glass sculpture techniques to give their ideas form. The workshop begins with making individual glass charms and talismans.
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March 12-14 – White Lotus Poetry Workshop with Ellen Bass
“In this workshop,” writes Ellen Bass, “we will allow ourselves to extend our roots deeply into the mud of our experience in order to give voice to our poems. This is an opportunity to meet the poems that gestate within us and to engage our greatest resources—attention, courage, precision—in bringing them into being. We will strive for language that is accurate, fresh, and interesting in itself and we will work to create poems whose form, rhythm, language, and meaning work as an effective whole.
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March 14-19 – A Yogic Model for Personal Development and Leadership in Challenging Times with Thomas Michael Fortel & Ulrich Schwalb

We are living in exponential times: life around us is not only changing quickly, but also in unexpected directions and unusual ways. This is commonly perceived as a crisis, yet it also is an opportunity to see where we are and to move forward with vision and hope. We may realize that what has brought us to this moment in time will not necessarily bring us to the next place. New orientation, attitude, and awareness are required to bring individuals, managers, and their organizations closer to their goals. We must successfully deal with change without losing sight of what is fundamental to our organizations, people, and to personal development.

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For details and to register, please call 831-667-3005.

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