Posted by: Stan Russell | June 21, 2013

Ventana Wilderness Alliance/Full moon community celebration at Loma Vista

Hello Big Sur!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Ventana Wilderness Alliance will be at the Pine Ridge Trailhead in Big Sur today spreading the word about Leave No Trace outdoor ethics and fire safety. Stop by and say hello and get a free copy of this 11"x17" map of the Big Sur River trail network.

FYI, last weekend’s Sykes patrol came across 5 unattended and illegal campfires and because of this VWA is trying to raise awareness of the dangers of these activities in the backcountry. I just wanted to point out the good work this organization does to improve the wilderness and the safety of our community overall as they often do their good works unnoticed or acknowledged.

Their website is

Their Facebook page is

Here’s a digital copy of the map they will be handing out to help bring awareness during this very critical fire season. The map is 2048×1321 pixels. A very useful full screen size.

Oh, and there is a Big Sur full moon celebration presented by Planet Love Funk at Loma Vista Gardens this Sunday, June 23 which includes a book signing by Dennis McKenna, yoga, music, arts & crafts and a Esalen pot luck to feast upon, and prizes to win! Check it out!

Stan Russell


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