Posted by: Stan Russell | October 3, 2013

FAQ’s regarding impact of Government shutdown on Big Sur

Hello Big Sur!

We are receiving several calls and emails at the Big Sur Chamber of Commerce with the question “Is Big Sur open?”

YES!, Big Sur is open for business. Big Sur is mostly comprised of privately owned businesses and State Parks, neither of which are directly impacted by the Federal government shutdown.

Because there will not be a press release from Los Padres National Forest because they have been furloughed I gathered this information from Alec Arago, Sam Farr’s aid and through Gina Corrales, the person managing Parks Management Company.

Access to Los Padres National Forest remains open via Nacimiento-Fergussen Road, South Coast Ridge Road, Willow Creek Road etc. simply because some of our neighbors live there. I don’t know if the gate on the road to Cone Peak will be locked or any other access roads that don’t have people living on them.

Los Padres National Forest campgrounds and Pfeiffer Beach are under Federal jurisdiction but are privately managed by Parks Management Company. PMC maintains that all of their campgrounds and Pfeiffer Beach will remain open until Friday, October 4. FRIDAY at 1:00 PM all the National Forest Campgrounds managed by Parks Management Company will be closed until further notice. Their website is (information will be posted there soon)

Campgrounds that will be closed on Friday, October 4 at 1:00 PM:
Bottchers Gap, Ponderosa and Nacimiento Campgrounds, Kirk Creek, Plaskett Creek and Cerro Alto Campgrounds.

Big Sur Station remains open. The Federal Employees located at Big Sur Station, the fire fighters, will remain on the job.

Stan Russell


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