Posted by: Stan Russell | December 10, 2013

“Holiday with Hitch” Presented at the Golden State Theatre by Henry Miller Memorial Library

Where does Alfred Hitchcock belong? On your plasma screen?
At your local cineplex in the Mall? No, of course not!
Hitchcock belongs at the venerable and gorgeously creaky
Golden State Theatre!

Perhaps the stress and anxiety of the holidays gets you down, well, don’t let it, join us for the antidote:
"Holiday with Hitch"

Dec. 10-14th at the Golden State Theatre* in Monterey
That’s right: five nights, five classic films:

Tuesday 10: Vertigo,

Wednesday 11: North by Northwest,

Thursday 12: Rear Window,

Friday (the 13th!): Rebecca,

Saturday 14: Psycho

from the Central Coast’s adopted son:
Alfred Hitchcock!
Because nothing spells relief from the holiday frenzy than psychosis, sexual obsession, cold-blooded horror, and of course: Jimmy Stewart.

Golden State Theatre
417 Alvarado Street
Monterey, CA 93940


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