Posted by: Stan Russell | December 16, 2013

Emergency Notification for Sycamore Canyon area

The Pfeiffer Fire Incident Command has requested an emergency notification for Big Sur residents in the Pias Ridge and Sycamore Canyon areas. This is the text of the alert that went out at 5:30pm:

This is the Monterey County Office of Emergency Services with an Evacuation Watch due to the Pfeiffer Fire.
There is a threat to life and property in the Sycamore Canyon and Pious Ridge areas. If you choose to evacuate, there is a Red cross shelter at the Big Sur Grange.

An evacuation watch means that emergency crews recommend people evacuate for their safety. The next level would be an evacuation warning, which is more serious and means emergency crews want residents to evacuate right away.

Maia Carroll
Communications/Outreach Monterey County


  1. My prayers go out to all the residents who’s homes are threatened.

    FYI; It’s Pias Ridge not Pious. It was named after my Greek father’s surname. We owned 120 acres above Wreck Beach from 1952-1989.
    Char Pias

    • Thanks Char! I appreciate the correction.

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