Posted by: Stan Russell | December 18, 2013

Red Cross offerings/Community Meeting today 4:00PM/CPOA accepting donations

Hello Big Sur!


The Red Cross has informed me that they are offering "first month’s" rent if you have lost your residence. I put first month in quotes because they say the check generally come 10 days after you’ve signed your agreement and it is issued directly to the landlord, so in reality, it may more realistically cover your 2nd months rent.
In addition with getting you started with rent in a new place if you don’t have insurance, they have more resources to help you.

You can sign up today at Fernwood Resort until 5:00 PM.
Contact Liz Ford at Fernwood.

Red Cross is having difficulty identifying community needs. If you know of a community need, please come to Fernwood and express that. Red Cross is here to help. 95% of the calls they are receiving is community members trying to help out, which isn’t too surprising.

Red Cross will have two mobile counseling and stress support services teams.

Red Cross will also be at the Community Meeting today at 4:00 to quickly explain their offerings.

If you can’t make it today you can call the Carmel Red Cross office at 831.320.9989

3) Coast Properties Owner’s Association
CPOA is accepting donations of which 100% will be distributed to residents in need. I understand that you can earmark a donation to a particular family or individual.

Keep working together! We’re doing good!
Stan Russell


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