Posted by: Stan Russell | December 24, 2013

Pfeiffer Fire 12.24.13 Update/Correction/CPOA message

Hello Big Sur,
In the previous email with the Los Padres National Forest press release I noticed after sending it out that it stated that Community meetings "resume Tuesday." Since this press release was sent to us after the 10:30 meeting time today I called the information number and got some clarity on this issue.
The Community Meetings at the Multi-Agency Facility will resume THURSDAY, DECEMBER 26 at 10:30 AM.

Stan Russell

This is Dick Ravich. I do the CPOA email blasts. We have a request. Would you send out an email to your chamber members with the following information?

Martha has asked Jeannie Alexander and Mariah Green, both Brigade members, to take care of picking up any donations at the local resorts and stores. Her suggestion was to start at the Coast Gallery, probably not do Ventana or the Post ranch as they already have something in place, and continue on with Loma Vista etc.

All of the funds collected will be handed over to CPOA for consolidation and distribution to those in need, impacted by the fire.

Thank you in advance.

Dick Ravich


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