Posted by: Stan Russell | January 1, 2014

From Monterey County Office of Emergency Services

Happy New Year Big Sur!

From Monterey County Office of Emergency Services

Hi All,
If you have not already gotten this information, I wanted to share this with you and anyone else that it would benefit. This is from the Monterey County Office of Emergency Services, which will host a local assistance center for residents impacted by the fire. Please share widely –
Happy New Year to you all,
Maia Carroll

We have scheduled a 1 day local assistance Center for the residents impacted by the Pfeiffer Fire. This event is being sponsored by The State of California and Monterey County.

Location: Multiple Agency Facility, Big Sur Station #1, Big Sur CA(MAC) Hwy 1 just south of Pfeiffer State Park entrance
Time Frame: Friday January 3rd, 10:00AM -5:00PM
There will be Wi-Fi is agencies need it as well as tables and chairs. Only a few phones lines in the room where we will be located.
There is ample parking for everyone.

Agencies invited/confirmed:

State Agencies:
Franchise Tax Board
CA Dept. of Insurance

County Agencies
Social Services
Assessor’s Office
RMA permits

Tzu Chi


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