Posted by: Stan Russell | April 22, 2014

Sudden Oak Death Blitz May 3

From Big Sur Sudden Oak Death Project

Please see and share the announcement below for an opportunity to sample for SOD where ever you want for FREE! The pathogen does not survive on an individual tree every year. This year we have an opportunity to see where the pathogen survives in the most inhospitable conditions (extreme drought). Identifying these locations and targeting these “hot spots” for management could potentially help reduce inoculum pressure over a larger area. Come participate in one of the country’s most successful, all citizen run science projects.
Hope to see you there,


Sudden Oak Death Blitz
Saturday, May 3, 10 am
Garland Ranch Regional Park Museum Visitors Center
Carmel Valley, CA
Participate in a citizen run research project to sample for Sudden Oak Death. Results from this year’s Blitz can help slow the progress of the disease. We provide sampling packets and instruction and send you on your way to sample where ever you want, for FREE! Results will be posted on-line at

A brief meeting will be held on Saturday morning to teach participants how to identify symptoms of Sudden Oak Death on bay leaves. We will hand out sampling packets complete with detailed instructions and send participants on their way to sample in any location they like. This year, emphasis will be put on sampling previously infested areas to discover “hot spots” of infection. The lack of rain this year provides an excellent opportunity to find specific locations where the pathogen does and does not survive during a drought year. Identification of “hot spots” can lead to potential treatment locations that can slow the disease throughout the entire area. Participants will fill out the forms as they sample and return packets to a signed bin left at the Visitors Center in Garland Park by Sunday at 5pm. Samples will be processed at UC Berkeley and all the results will be posted on-line and on Google Earth. A follow up meeting will be held in the fall to go over the results and discuss treatment options.

For more information go to or contact Kerri Frangioso ( or Brian LeNeve (

Kerri Frangioso
Big Sur, Sudden Oak Death Project
University of California Davis
P.O. Box 693
Big Sur, CA 93920

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