Posted by: Stan Russell | April 23, 2014

Employee car passes for Marathon Day

Hello Big Sur!

If you plan to drive into Big Sur from Carmel before the caravans begin the morning of the Big Sur International Marathon you will need to get a car pass.

The first Southbound Caravan is scheduled to leave the Crossroads at about 8:30am, and arrive in Big Sur about 9:15, so any business needing their staff to arrive at work before about 10am will need a pass. It’s also good to keep in mind that the Caravan Schedule is subject to change depending on the number of vehicles in the first Northbound Caravan.

The rules are for the pass are:

Must be south of Otter Cove by 5:45am

Pass expires at 6:15am

Passes are available at the River Inn Front Desk from 9am to 5pm daily, and are ready for pick-up as of now…

Caravan Schedule and Traffic Control Measures are posted here:

Stan Russell


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