Posted by: Stan Russell | August 18, 2014

Arvin Nelson is missing on a hiking trip in the Ventana Wilderness

Hello Big Sur!

Middle-aged hiker and popular Big Sur server goes missing in Big Sur.>

Arvin Nelson is a well-known personality around the Big Sur community.

Posted: Monday, August 18, 2014 8:41 am
* by Mark Anderson <>

The flier tells the story.
And it’s not the most comforting.
"Missing hiker, last seen China Camp on 8/6/14."
Arvin "Chief" Nelson, a longtime server at Big Sur River Inn, has gone missing in the Los Padres wilderness, presumably while on an extended trek.
Today marks the 12th day since he’s been seen.
Coworkers describe Nelson as is in his early to mid 50s, 6-foot-3, black and around 200-215 pounds.

Citizen newsblogger Big Sur Kate <> has this report:
"Those of you who know this sweet man…he may need your good intentions for his safe return.
"He went on a backpacking trip alone, MAYBE to China Camp, Pine Ridge, to Sykes and was due back Thursday or Friday, but has not been seen, yet."
She adds search-and-rescue teams are into day two of trying to locate him. Helicopters have been deployed, search dogs will likely join the effort soon if they haven’t already.
China Camp hides high and deep <> in Los Padres National Forest, accessible by Pine Ridge Trail from the Big Sur side and Tassajara Road from the Carmel Valley side.
Nelson drives a light yellow Wesphalia-style VW bus.
Any updates should be directed to the 831-667-2423 at the State Parks Office.


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