Posted by: Stan Russell | September 15, 2014

Oct 5, 2014 the Henry Miller Library will auction off one dozen of the finest redwood pieces

Years before Europeans first stepped foot in California…

Decades before Martin Luther challenged
the foundation of the Western religious tradition…

A century before Galileo claimed that the earth revolved around the sun…

…a healthy coastal redwood grew in what is now Big Sur,
approximately 36.2703° N, 121.8064° W. …

…until December 2, 2012 when it slowly, ‘glacially,’ but not
without a fight, defiantly taking down a power pole,
telephone lines and other trees with it, fell to the ground.
Since that day the tree has been carefully harvested and
the wood is gorgeous.

On Oct 5, 2014 the Henry Miller Library will
auction off one dozen of the finest pieces.
Sign-up and slab inspection will be from 1 – 4 pm. Bidding starts at 4 pm.

You will not find redwood as beautiful anywhere: the way this
particular tree grew, in a huge curve, created pressures within the
core over hundreds of years resulting in an extraordinarily rich pattern.

Proceeds from the auction will help create a sustainable financial
future for the Library, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit community arts center.

For more about the auction and detail about the wood please
visit us online at, call us at 831-667-2574 or,
the best alternative, stop by in person any day 11AM – 6PM.
Thank You!

The Library website is
Wine by Heller Estates | Snacks by the Big Sur Bakery

The coast redwood naturally occurs in only one place in the world:
a 450 mi strip along the Pacific Coast of North America. This strip begins
in southern Oregon and ends just south of Monterey.


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