Posted by: Stan Russell | October 14, 2014

Sudden Oak Death Blitz Results & General Oak Health 101 Meeting

From Kerri Frangioso

Sudden Oak Death Blitz Results & General Oak Health 101 Meeting
Saturday October 18th, 10am-Noon
Garland Park museum/meeting room, Carmel Valley

This spring we held the 4th SOD Blitz in Carmel Valley and Big Sur to teach
landowners how to identify symptoms of SOD and invite participants to
sample wherever they wanted for free. The results of the 2014 SOD Blitz
Survey Project are finally in (now available on-line, and we
are lucky enough to have them disseminated at the meeting in Carmel Valley.
We have identified new SOD infestations, and can now recommend areas in
which selective removal of infected bay laurels may be beneficial (remember
SOD is spread by bay laurels and not by oaks). The information generated by
the 2014 SOD Blitz are available online but by coming to the meeting on
Saturday October 18th at 10am in Garland Park in Carmel Valley, you will
have an opportunity to:

1. Hear our interpretation of the results
2. See in which areas selective bay thinning may be beneficial
3. Learn where new infestations have been found
4. Learn where we suspect new infestations may occur
5. Learn how to use the SODmap mobile app
6. Have your SOD management questions answered
7. Learn about the results of new experiments on SOD control
8. Hear about 3 experiments in Big Sur where bay thinning is already

Additionally this year we are including information on Oak Health which
will cover how to manage oaks with SOD, drought and more. For more
information please visit the UC Berkeley web site

Hope to see you in person at the meeting!

Contact: Kerri Frangioso for more information, (530)219-1575.

No registration required.


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