Posted by: Stan Russell | February 13, 2015

From Ventana Wilderness Alliance

Pine Ridge Trailhead Volunteer Overview & Training Session
March 7, 2015 10:00 AM

Please join us at the Pine Ridge Trailhead Volunteer Training Session at the Big Sur Station.

We are looking for courteous, friendly people who are willing to share a few hours of their time at least six times a year to help contact hikers and backpackers at the Pine Ridge Trailhead in the Big Sur Multi Agency Parking Lot.

This is an important volunteer position because the Pine Ridge Trail is the most heavily used trail in the Ventana Wilderness. This trail is used by thousands of hikers and backpackers every year, mainly as an access route to Sykes Camp and Sykes Hot Springs.

No hiking experience is necessary. You will be given the tools and information to communicate to hikers and backpackers about the Ventana Wilderness, the need to practice Leave No Trace Principles, and ensuring hikers know current fire restrictions and other important information.

During this training we will present an overview, duties and responsibilities, the training period, expectations, and evaluation period to become a Pine Ridge Trailhead Volunteer.

If you have any questions, or are interested in volunteering but can not make this date, please contact Sharol Sevilla @

Big Sur Station 10:00 AM
Room on the left hand side of the building when facing the entrance.

contact: Sharol Sevilla or sign up via VWA Meetup

VWA Meetup


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