Posted by: Stan Russell | August 19, 2015

David Price Presents at HML BOGOWIE/GODS

Wednesday, September 2
Henry Miller Memorial Library
7:30 PM – 10:30 PM
Big Sur’s David Price Presents:

The extraordinary true story of brave, pioneering Polish heart transplant surgeon Zbigniew Religa in Poland in the 1980s. The Solidarity movement is on the rise but times are tough for ordinary people living under martial law, and the collapse of communism is still a long way off. Brilliant cardiac surgeon Zbigniew Religa (Tomasz Kot) labours under intolerable restrictions. Although heart transplant surgery has been performed in the west since 1967, it is seen as an act against nature in Poland. Undeterred, Religa sets out to break this moral, religious and cultural taboo. He assembles a young team to take on his mentors in a battle that is to have both soaring triumphs and tragic setbacks. This powerful, award-winning biographical drama about the man regarded as the father of Polish heart transplant surgery also focuses on the personal cost of Religa’s ambition. Tomasz Kot contributes a towering central performance, ably supported by a talented ensemble cast.

This film has received huge accolades throughout Europe but it is yet to be distributed in the US. We are now able to see it here in Big Sur courtesy David Price! (Pictured above)
Please join us for this special night! BYOB – we’ll have coffee, tea and popcorn!
You wouldn’t think a film about cardiology in Poland would be such a kick, but Bogowie (“Gods” in Polish) is a fast-paced, soapy pleasure, sort of like ER or Grey’s Anatomy, but with the 1980s setting adding a judicious dollop of iron-curtain period kitsch.
~ Leslie Felperin, The Guardian


Have questions about Bogowie (Gods): Presented by David Price? Contact Henry Miller Library.
831.667. 2574


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