Posted by: Stan Russell | August 26, 2015

Watch condor chick #799 navigate her nest via live-streaming webcams.

Watch condor chick #799 navigate her nest via live-streaming webcams.

High up in an ancient redwood tree, condors #167 (aka Kingpin) and #190 (aka Redwood Queen) are raising a chick in the wild. These adult condors were released by Ventana Wildlife Society in Big Sur in the late 1990’s and have been nesting at this site since 2006. Now nearly twenty years old, these condor “elders” are contributing to the next generation.

The couples chick #799, will capture an adoring fanbase as we all watch her grow on the new nest cam. But condor chick #799 needs a name. For every donation of $25 or more, the donor will be able to submit up to three name suggestions. When #799 fledges from the nest (October), VWS staff will collate the name suggestions and submit 5 finalist names. Those who donated will be sent an email link, so they can vote for their favorite finalist name. Donors who voted for the winning name will each be awarded an Adoption Certificate for condor #799.

Condors in the wild still need our help, so please consider making a contribution. Through successful breeding and releases in the wild, the condor has been “saved” from near extinction, but they are not yet “free”. Our goal is for the condor to be free from human intervention because the threat of lead poisoning from spent lead ammunition in their food supply will be a thing of the past. We look forward to the day when we are no longer needed but until then, we have a job to do.

Thanks to you, Ventana Wildlife Society supporters, Oakland Zoo, FedEx, and HDonTap there’s a third condor cam, but this one is high up in the trees in a chick’s nest! This awesome technology allows everyone (not just the tree climbing field staff) to witness a condor chick in real time via a live-streaming webcam. Help us watch what is going on in the field and enjoy the wonders of an endangered species making a comeback.


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