Posted by: Stan Russell | December 16, 2015

Condors Released in San Simeon a Success

Ventana Wildlife Society
For Immediate Release
December 16, 2015

Kelly Sorenson, Ventana Wildlife Society, 831-455-9514
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Condors Released in San Simeon a Success
SAN SIMEON – Ventana Wildlife Society biologists released seven California condors in San Simeon, CA and all seven are adapting well to their environment. The first of seven condors were released on September 23 and by November 11, all seven out on the wing. “It’s a scary time for a young condor and for us as their caretakers when they are first released”, said Joe Burnett, VWS Condor Program Coordinator. The first condor releases in central California were in Big Sur starting in 1997 and by 2003 releases at Pinnacles National Park were underway.

“In our twenty years of experience, we’ve found that it’s best to just release one or two condors at a time and ensure they have no disturbances, said executive director Kelly Sorenson. For this reason, the location of the release site is being kept confidential to protect the safety of the birds. Condors have been flying through San Simeon since the early 2000’s when Ventana-released condors from Big Sur traveled south, something that has been happening more often over time and as the wild population has increased. The aim of the San Simeon release effort is to speed up this process of condors utilizing their entire range and “it’s working” says Sorenson.

For complete press release:

The Tribune – San Luis Obispo

Seven young condors take flight in San Simeon hills


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