Posted by: Stan Russell | January 14, 2016


Ventana Wildlife Society
Sign up today for Single Day Adventures (Ages 8-12)

Our knowledgeable naturalist instructors want you to know there are spaces available to sign up youth for a fun filled day of adventure learning about nature. Spend a day in the exciting outdoors exploring mysterious redwood forests, the beautiful coastline, or learning all about the magnificent, endangered California condor.

Whether you are being dazzled by amazing Monarch butterflies, practicing how to survive in the wild or discovering all the crazy types of invertebrates there are, it is certain to be a true adventure!

Full and partial scholarships are available. Spaces are available free of charge to youth who qualify for free or reduced school meals. To register, or find out more about scholarship opportunities or free programming, contact Alena Porte.

Below are programs and available dates
All programs run from 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM.

Single Day Adventures (Ages 8-12)
$45 per day, or $40 each for three or more per calendar year. (8:30 – 4:30)

Winter/spring 2016

Feb 8th – Marvelous Monarchs
‘Tis the season when these winged jewels migrate for their annual reunion here in Monterey County. Clumping in the trees of Andrew Molera State Park and elsewhere along the coast, we will search for their roosts and watch as they are warmed by the sun to take flight.
(Drop off at Cesar Chavez Library, Salinas OR Laguna Grande Park, Seaside)

Feb. 15th – California Condors
Explore condor country and track down this magnificent endangered species. Learn to use radio telemetry and other field techniques. Watch for falcons, hawks and condors wheeling around the steep cliffs of the Central coast.
(Drop off at Kelton Park, Salinas OR Laguna Grande Park, Seaside)

Feb. 16th – Stayin’ Alive
Whether you want to add to your outdoor skills, or you are brand new to wilderness survival – this adventure is for you. Learn different ways to light a camp fire, make a nutritious wild tea, find clean water, create a shelter from a tarp, and more!
(Drop off at Kelton Park, Salinas OR the Crossroads, Carmel)

March 21st – Insane Invertebrates
Delve into the world of creepy crawly critters. We’ll check the Big Sur River searching for aquatic larvae and do a shrub shake of coyote bush – a veritable condominium for over 55 different types of insects! No stone will be left unturned.
(Drop off at Kelton Park, Salinas OR Laguna Grande Park, Seaside)

March 22nd – Coastal Quest
Explore the birds, plants, and animals of our amazing coastline. Wade across the Big Sur River Lagoon as it empties into the sea, Learn about the secret life of a seaweed pile, and wander one of the few accessible beaches in the region.
(Drop off at Kelton Park, Salinas OR Laguna Grande Park, Seaside)

Contact Alena Porte – Education and Outreach Manager for Ventana Wildlife Society


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