Posted by: Stan Russell | June 9, 2016

West of Eden A BiG SuRCuS Cabaret!

Hello Big Sur Chamber of Commerce Friends,

Rosalia Webster here of BiG SuRCuS,

We have created an after dinner Cabaret, featuring a local cast, and local tall tales presented with dance and sideshow.
June 24, July 15 and August 19, hours 8-10 pm at Henry Miller.

We sincerely appreciate any and all support and if any business owners or weekend concierge members would like to preview our first show, please contact me personally.

I thought the local businesses might be interested in sharing our event with their guest, offering a treat after dinner, before they cozy up. Below is our Evenbrite ticket link, purchases can also be made over phone (831-667-2574) or at the Library. This is A BiG SuRCuS and Henry Miller Library event, of course supporting through the Library, community arts and entertainment. I am grateful to have been born, raised and still dwelling in Big Sur, and with all our visitors traveling through, I feel sharing the unique expression and character of local lore is important to preserve the spirit of our home wilderness, so I give you an ode to the great John Steinbeck and the many cultures who have flourished to make a wonderful community:

West of Eden

A BiG SuRCuS Cabaret!

Thank you for your time,
Cheerio Rosalia Webster

Health, Happiness and Country Living, Rosalia Webster


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