Posted by: Stan Russell | July 31, 2016

Mount Manuel back burn planned for tomorrow 8/1/16, PDF MAPS

Hello Big Sur!


Below are today’s maps provided by Cal Fire.

Notice Operations Map Branch 7 has the proposed dozer line running along the ridge to Mount Manuel and south to beyond Hot Springs Canyon.

Daily, I post all the Cal Fire maps on The Big Sur Blog if you have a desire to look at all the details of the fire including dozer cuts, fire perimeter etc.

Today they started posting Branch 1, 2, 3 etc. Branch 7 is the area from near Phenager Creek, south.

IAP Map (23 pgs) PDF shows close ups of each section of the dozer work, fire perimeter…

Today’s (7/31/16) maps in PDF format:

IR Ortho Map PDF.…Ortho11x17.pdf

IR TOPO Map PDF.…_Topo11x17.pdf

Briefing Map NORTH PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

Briefing Map SOUTH PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

Operations Map Branch 1 PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

Operations Map Branch 2 PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

Operations Map Branch 3 PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

Operations Map Branch 4 PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

Operations Map Branch 7 PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

PIO Map PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

IAP Map Index PDF.…ABEU003422.pdf

IAP Map (23 pgs) PDF.…ABEU003422.pdf

IAP PDF.…P_20160731.pdf


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