Posted by: Stan Russell | August 1, 2016

Cal Fire Soberanes Fire Maps in PDF

Cal Fire Soberanes Fire Maps
Today’s Infrared Heat Map

Today’s maps in PDF format:

IR Orthographic Map PDF.…Ortho11x17.pdf

IR TOPO Map PDF.…_Topo11x17.pdf

Briefing Map NORTH PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

Briefing Map SOUTH PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

Operations Map PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

IAP Index Map CARMEL PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

IAP Index Map SECO PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

IAP Map Index SUR PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

IAP Map (30 pgs) PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

Air Operations Map PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

Air Operations HELCO Map PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

PIO Map PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

IAP PDF.…P_20160801.pdf

This incident is a classic example of the expansion capability designed into the Incident Command System (ICS).

As this incident has grown in size and complexity, the ICS management grows keeping tight organizational structure and span of control regarding suppression resources.

Creating organization out of chaos is the job of the Incident Management Team (IMT), and this incident is a lesson demonstrating how it is done.

Here is the ICS Field Operations Guide (FOG Manual – FEMA) for those interested in learning what all the jobs do that are contained in the daily IAP in PDF format:…ions_guide.pdf


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