Posted by: Stan Russell | August 10, 2016

Fire Progression Map 8/10/16 and links to all Cal Fire map PDF’s

Today’s maps clearly show where the front of this fire is located and which direction it is burning. Let’s hope it stops at the Big Sur river and doesn’t continue it’s southward march. If it doesn’t stop at the Big Sur river, Cal Fire is already up on Coast Ridge Road planning their attack lines to try to push the fire east rather than let it get over the ridge to the western slope. This map reminds me of a fall leaf and fall rains can’t come soon enough.

Social media reports in the Big Sur valley are that the fire is burning slowly and the moist fog is helping keep the fire dampened, in more ways than one.

From Jennifer Gray
Visitor Information Assistant Public Affairs, Los Padres National Forest
“The fire continues to back down towards Highway 1 in the vicinity of Big Sur.  Suppression forces are actively engaged in this area.  The fire camp for the Sur Zone of the fire has been relocated to Andrew Molera State Park.  Highway 1 has been closed the last two nights from 10:00pm to 6:00am due to increased fire activity along the roadway.  The Carmel Zone is contained and forces are repairing fire suppression lines.  Fire fighters also continue to work along the east side of the fire in the Seco Zone. ”

Today”s Maps in PDF format:

There are no IR Maps Posted as of 0730 this date.

Briefing Map PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

Briefing Map NORTH PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

Briefing Map SOUTH PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

Air Operations Map PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

Operations Map NORTH PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

Operations Map SOUTH PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

PIO Map PDF.…003422.opt.pdf

Fire Progression Map PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

IAP Map CARMEL (17 pgs) PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

IAP Map SECO (15 pgs) PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

IAP Map SUR (15 pgs) PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

IAP PDF.…6(Reduced).pdf



  1. Thanks very much for this update and related links!

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