Posted by: Stan Russell | August 14, 2016

Cal Fire Progression Map 8/14/16 / HWY 1 CLOSURE TODAY @ 2:00 PM

Cal Fire Progression Map

It’s easy to see Cal Fire has been pushing the fire to the east on the controlled burn south of the Big Sur river. This fire stretches from Terrace Creek camp to Timber Top on the east side of Coast Ridge Road. The plan is to continue this controlled back burn east of Coast Ridge Road and drive the fire to the east into Los Padres National Forest.

Today Highway 1 will close at 2:00 PM from Point Sur to Coast Ridge Road, effectively the top of the hill near Ventana Inn. More backfiring will occur throughout the day and overnight.

Be safe!


Today’s Maps in PDF format:

{{The dates on some materials are dated from earlier in the incident but continue to be current intelligence.}}

IR Orthographic Map PDF.…Ortho11x17.pdf

IR Topographic Map PDF.…_Topo11x17.pdf

Briefing Map PDF.…ABEU003422.pdf

Operations Map NORTH PDF.…ABEU003422.pdf

Operations Map SOUTH PDF.…ABEU003422.pdf

Air Operations Map PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

PIO Map PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

Fire Progression Map PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

IAP Map CARMEL PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

IAP Map SECO PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

IAP Map SUR PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

IAP 08-14 & 15-16 PDF.…%208_14_16.pdf

{{A great Human Resources message in today’s IAP.}}


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