Posted by: Stan Russell | August 17, 2016

Soberanes Fire heat map + PDF’s

While restrictions are being lifted and businesses are re-opening in the Big Sur valley you can see on this heat map that the Soberanes fire back burn along Coast Ridge Road is still creating a lot of heat as Cal Fire continues firing along the coast ridge southward and pushing the fire eastward.

As the immediate threat to the Big Sur community is diminishing Cal Fire resources are going to be reallocated to other fires burning in the state.

Thank you Cal Fire for your efforts in getting this fire in control and minimizing the damage to the Big Sur community.

Today’s Maps in PDF format:

IR Orthographic Map PDF.…Ortho11x17.pdf

IR Topographic Map PDF.…_Topo11x17.pdf

Briefing Map PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

Air Operations Map PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

Air Operations Retardant Map PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

Operations NORTH Map PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

Operations SOUTH Map PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

Fire Progression Map PDF.…%208_17_16.pdf

PIO Map PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

IAP Map CARMEL PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

IAP Map SECO PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

IAP Map SUR PDF.…003422_opt.pdf

IAP PDF.…%208_17_16.pdf


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