Posted by: Stan Russell | August 22, 2016

Soberanes Fire Update 8/22/16


‎Soberanes Fire‬ update near Big Sur remains 86,294 acres & 60% contained.

Current Situation: Today marks day thirty of the Soberanes Fire. Nominal growth occurred the last twenty four hours of 1,082 acres. The fire continues to slowly burn interior islands with heavier fuels within the Ventana Wilderness portions of the fire. No movement outside the fireline is expected in this area. Crews continue to patrol and extinguish hot spots with their primary focus on suppression repair.

On the east side, the fire advanced towards Miller Mountain and Ventana Cone. Firefighters continue to prepare and reinforce contingency lines from the Los Padres Reservoir to Chews Ridge. Lines are also being strengthened from Arroyo Seco south to Santa Lucia Memorial Park. Crew have provided enhanced protection measures to structures within the predicted path of the Soberanes Fire in the Ventana Wilderness.

Near the Big Sur area, no firing operations occured yesterday but may occur today if conditions are favorable. Aircraft was utilized yesterday to slow the southward progression of the fire. Most of the fire activity occurred east of Barlow Camp and west of Redwood Creek Camp, flanking to the south in the Big Sur River drainage area. The fire is established on Logwood Ridge. Crews are working hard to reinforce hand-line along portions of Logwood Ridge where possible.…/incidentdetails/…/1348


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