Posted by: Stan Russell | September 3, 2016

Notes from Fifth District Monterey

Cachagua Public Meeting
Notes from Fifth District Monterey

Good turnout at the meeting hosted by Cachagua Fire. Notes from the meeting are below.

Branch 3, Los Padres fire is backing down into Carmel river drainage. Heavy fuels, steep drainage. Not suitable for hotshot crews.

Using helicopters and hotshot crews, fire is in check towards English cabin. South of English cabin, heat it not a lot of movement.

Main movement is from Ventana Cone to Black Cone, crested saddle today, and slopped over. VLAT hit that slop over today. Those spot fires got several drops today from the VLAT. VLAT also hit the ridge behind to help hold that line.

Full night shift and day shift on north coast ridge Rd. 7 hot shot crews on north coast ridge Rd, lots of structure protection on Partington.

Trying to get planned burn down to Anderson Peak. Expect to be down to Anderson Peak tomorrow. Lots of coordination, but things going well. Really appreciate the local knowledge.


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