Posted by: Stan Russell | September 6, 2016

Arrest Made in Fraud Case, Still Investigating in Big Sur

Hello Big Sur!

A couple weeks ago I sent out an email with a flyer from the Monterey County District Attorney’s office warning Big Sur of post disaster awareness to avoid fraudulent scams. Regarding the attempted fraud around the fire in Big Sur I’m happy to announce there has been an arrest. The person sending out fraudulent invoices was arrested in Santa Barbara for the same scam and is in custody. Also, in my conversations with the DA’s office, the state of Nevada also has an open case on him and when the state of California is through with him he will be remanded to Nevada.

So far the Monterey County DA’s office only knows of two businesses that have received this letter, one in Big Sur and one on the peninsula. They would like to know if there are more businesses locally that have received this letter or a similar letter from this company, or any other company submitting fraudulent invoices for that matter.

Below is a copy of the letter sent to Big Sur River Inn attempting to defraud them for services never requested nor rendered. If you, or anyone you know, has received a similar letter from this company or any other company that you feel is fraudulent, please let us know and also contact directly Diane Marano at the Consumer Unit Monterey County District Attorney’s Office.

Diane Marano

Stan Russell

red mountain security and fire protection.pdf


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