Posted by: Stan Russell | September 6, 2016

Soberanes Fire Update 9/6/16

From U.S. Forest Service – Los Padres National Forest
Soberanes Fire daily update for September 6

Total acres: 100,979 acres (63,785 acres on Los Padres National Forest, 37,194 acres on San Benito-Monterey Unit) 60% Contained

Acreage increase: 551 acres

Total personnel: 1,155

Fire remains active in areas where growth occurred over the last two days on the southern front of the fire, as well as on slopes above several interior drainages.

There was continued growth in Zigzag Creek, above the head of Higgins Creek and on the slopes above Pick Creek. Fire is now established on the north facing aspect of Willow Creek to a point south of the Tassajara Zen Center. The fire is still approximately 2 ½ miles south and west of the Zen Center.

Photo: Fire burning in the Zigzag Creek drainage on the southeast edge of the fire on Monday afternoon.


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