Posted by: Stan Russell | September 11, 2016

Burning Operation on Coast Ridge Road

U.S. Forest Service – Los Padres National Forest
Burning Operation on Coast Ridge Road

Thanks to favorable weather conditions, operations personnel on the #SoberanesFire have conducted burning operations the last two days along the east side of North Coast Ridge Road above Highway 1 on the southwest portion of the fire. The intent of the burning tactic is to allow a fire of low intensity, which is easier for firefighters to control, to burn fuel along control lines that might otherwise contribute to a high intensity fire that could cross over the line if the fire reached it unhindered. Referred to as indirect line construction, the burning operation utilizes fewer resources to complete the line construction and doesn’t expose firefighters to the hazards of direct line construction, especially in areas with steep slopes and light, flashy fuels that are common in California.

Conditions the past two days have been ideal for burning out, with light winds out of the west helping to push flames away from the control line as fire personnel removed vegetation to provide a wide buffer between the main fire and the dozer line that runs southeast along the ridge south of Big Sur.

In coming days, fire managers hope to continue strengthening the control line on the southwest edge of the fire by continuing burning operations south along the ridge toward Rodeo Flats. Here are some great photos taken on Saturday by public information officer Brentwood Reid from the Alaska Incident Management Team that capture the essence of what a successful burnout operation looks like.

Initiated burns allowed for less intense fire activity in a more controlled environment while firefighters are in place… on the offense rather than the defense. (Looks like Anderson Peak FAA tracking facility. Variable Omnidirectional Range (VOR) facility and U.S. Air Force Observatory.)

Favorable winds pushed the burn away from the control line.

Chena IHC superintendent Oded Shalom keeping fire at bay.

Test burn successful. Lighting crew comences with firing opperations

Holding crews watch for spotting across the line.


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