Posted by: Stan Russell | September 15, 2016

Soberanes Fire Update, Day 56, 9/15/16

Update, 9/15/16
Current size: 107,479 acres
Containment: 55%

Today the Soberanes Fire enters its 56th day. Plans for today includes fire crews continuing the strategic plan to methodically burn out vegetation to support the existing indirect fire line on the eastside of the fire. Indirect line is a fire line constructed away from the hot edge of the fire. Burn out involves intentionally burning vegetation from the indirect fire line. The operations will be on Chews Ridge and progress northwesterly toward the existing containment line.

Yesterday’s operations included a mile of building a successful black line that will continue today. Smoke reports are available, as we will be seeing smoke. All evacuation orders and warnings remain in place.

The fire containment has increased to 55%. The amount of uncontrolled fire perimeter changes constantly with the varying influences such as weather, fuels and topography.

Arroyo Seco Fire Station
46700 Arroyo Seco Road
Greenfield, CA 93927
6:00 PM


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