Posted by: Stan Russell | September 16, 2016

Soberanes Fire Update 9/16/16

Los Padres National ForestSoberanes Fire Update: September 16, 2016
108,031 Acres
57% Containment
$200,000,000 spent so far

Fire Information Line: (831) 204-0446

Current Situation:

Crews on the east side of the fire are making good progress with their “burnout” operations. They are moving northwest along Chews Ridge toward the goal of connecting the “indirect” fireline to the existing containment line north of the Los Padres Dam. Engine crews continue to stand guard at structures adjacent to the burnout as the elite, highly skilled “hotshot” crews ignite fires to widen the containment line along the ridge. Each crew successively hands the torches off to hotshot crews from one section of the line to another. That crew then continues the progress. Following the ignition, the hotshots then stand guard to insure the fire burns as intended, often throughout the night.

Expect to see air tankers dropping fire retardant adjacent to indirect line in the coming days, making fuels unreceptive to windborne embers that might fly across the fireline.

On the southern coastal side of the fire, crews continue to secure and improve established containment lines.

The fire is currently 57% contained. As the burnout operations progress and the indirect line is strengthened, the containment percentage will continue to rise.

The public is asked to avoid driving up Laurel Springs Road as it is currently experiencing heavy traffic from fire equipment supporting the burnout. It is also the only way out for emergency vehicles that may need to leave the area quickly.

All evacuation orders and warnings remain in effect.

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