Posted by: Stan Russell | September 19, 2016

Photos of Soberanes Fire 9/19/16

U.S. Forest Service – Los Padres National Forest
Soberanes Fire
September 19, 2016

117,656 Acres
67% Containment

Current Situation:

Firefighters have made strong progress on the Soberanes Fire, as evidenced by the increase in the containment level to 67%. That is an increase of 15 percent since September 13. The increase is largely due to weather conditions that contributed to favorable burnout* operations. Activity is predominantly in the south-southeast areas of the Soberanes Fire. The burnouts are key to the firefighters’ success over the past days in widening and strengthening the indirect* containment line.

Photos of Soberanes Fire supplied by U.S. Forest Service

Burn out operation 9/19/16

Soberanes Fire Burnout Operation 9/19/16

Firefighters watching airdrops on the Soberanes fire burnout operation 9/19/16


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