Posted by: Stan Russell | September 30, 2016

Soberanes Fire Update 9/3016 (Day 71)

U.S. Forest Service – Los Padres National Forest
Soberanes Fire
September 30, 2016
Day 71

#SoberanesFire Hand crews and fire personnel have 14 more miles of fire line construction, mop up and patrol to go before reaching the goal of 100% containment of the 132,069 acre fire. To put that in perspective, a coordinated effort between interagency crews from around the United States has resulted in 168 miles of completed fire line and 92% containment.

1,162 fire personnel assigned to the fire include 24 hand crews, 33 engines, 15 helicopters and 5 bulldozers.

While hand crews remain focused on building fire line, archaeologists and Resource Advisors (READs) with the United States Forest Service have been working behind the scenes to document and preserve the archaeological sites in the fire area, while also ensuring that suppression efforts preserves the unique cultural history of native peoples who called the Los Padres National Forest home for centuries.


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