Posted by: Stan Russell | October 2, 2016

Soberanes Fire Update 10/2/16

U.S. Forest Service – Los Padres National Forest
Central Coast Incident Management Team
October 2, 2016

The perimeter grew only 13 acres yesterday as 1,186 fire personnel including 22 crews, 26 engines, 15 helicopters and 5 bulldozers continue the mission of securing and improving fire line for the 132,082 acre fire which is 92% contained. Three hot shot crews who had completed their 14 day assignment were replaced with ‘fresh’ hot shot crews who will help increase containment by completing the last few miles of fire line construction. We thank all of the crews from county, state and federal agencies who have been working tirelessly to secure property and infrastructure threatened by this historic fire.

Current Situation:
Hotshot crews were busy Friday catching the fire as it moved slowly (creeping and smoldering) in the English Cabin area. The fire was able to expand about a quarter of an acre before firefighters were able to catch it and get a hose lay around it. On nearly an 8-mile stretch of fireline from English Cabin to Church Ranch, hotshot crews worked on mop-up and expanding the width of the perimeter. Helicopters, equipped with buckets to drop water, supported crews as they constructed containment lines between stretches of cold black areas where no hotspots were discovered and areas of hot line. Hotshot crews who had completed their 14-day assignment yesterday were replaced with fresh hotshot crews to continue the work.

Another flare up was noticed well within the containment lines on the west side of the fire but fire managers were able to get firefighters on the ground to extinguish it. Along the eastern flank, crews continued to mop-up, back-haul excess equipment and patrol for hotspots.

Suppression repair, which is fixing things that were damaged while putting the fire out such as gates, fences and roads continued yesterday. It also includes pulling vegetation back onto dozer lines and hand lines that were cleared down to mineral soil for use as firebreaks and contingency lines. This repair work is well underway on the western, southern and northeastern perimeters of the fire.

The next cold front will move in today, approaching from the north, and will be stronger than Saturday’s. The morning will start off sunny and clear but north winds 10-15 mph will bring in clouds causing the temperatures to drop and the relative humidity to rise by early afternoon. Once the front moves through it will remain cool and cloudy. No measurable rain is forecast for the fire area Sunday, but a drizzle or mist will develop making things damp.

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