Posted by: Stan Russell | November 23, 2016

Burn Season Begins December 1, 2016

From Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade

Burn season will begin on December 1, 2016. The burn season is typically 5 months, ending on April 30th 2017. It can, and has been, ended prior to that date depending on the weather!

Everyone will need a permit for each burn season going forward. IE, the 2016/2017 burn season, and the 2017/2018 season etc.

You may visit our web site at <> and fill out the permit and email it in to

Or you may leave us a message at 831-667-2113 or send us an email at the above address if you would like a permit mailed or emailed to you. Another option is to mail us at P.O. Box 520.

As usual, if you want to burn you will need to call the 800-225-2876 FIRST to see if it is a burn day, then call the fire brigade, (667-2113) and leave a message with your name, location of your burn and a call back number. Please speak slowly and clearly.

All burns must be out by dark, and please call your neighbors and let them know you will be burning. Never leave your fire unattended!

A post card will be going out soon but as I have already been getting calls I wanted to get the word out.

Martha Karstens



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