Posted by: Stan Russell | December 21, 2016

Big Sur Marathon Organization Distributes Nearly $1 Million in 2016


December 21, 2016


Doug Thurston, Executive Director/Race Director


Big Sur Marathon Organization Distributes Nearly $1 Million in 2016

Large donations to Monterey County fire-fighting efforts included in dozens of contributions

The nonprofit Big Sur Marathon organization raised and distributed nearly $1 million in 2016 to a variety of local organizations and national charities, its highest amount ever.

These funds included $325,000 distributed directly to more than 100 local groups affiliated with the race events, to more than $400,000 raised by participants in support of 16 national charities, to dollars collected for California State Parks and the JUST RUN youth fitness program, to the organization’s $122,000 cash donation to the fire-fighting efforts in Monterey County this summer. A collective total of $987,213 was provided to nonprofit organizations, agencies, and schools.

“This is a significant amount for an organization of our size,” noted race director Doug Thurston. “Our direct contributions to the local community are more than 15 percent of our annual budget. The success and popularity of our events allow us to support so many worthy agencies in our area.”

Built into the mission of the Big Sur Marathon organization is a commitment to “giving back” to the local community. A robust grant program is in place for the organization’s two major races – the Big Sur International Marathon in April and the Half Marathon on Monterey Bay in November. In addition, the organization made contributions of $27,494 to various local causes and schools. In August, the governing board responded to critical and immediate needs to battle the Soberanes Fire, one of the most expensive fires ever fought in the United States, by donating $60,000 to two local fire brigades, $30,000 to the Big Sur Health Center to help the ongoing health needs of those most affected by the fire, and $30,000 to the Community Foundation’s fire relief fund. The organization also made a contribution to the family of a worker killed fighting the fire.

Big Sur Marathon board chair, Tom Rolander, said, “We’re extremely proud to be able to help and support these dozens of local and national groups and individuals. Runners are by nature an altruistic group, and it certainly showed in their contributions to a variety of causes.”

The 2017 event season for the organization opens with the 32nd annual Big Sur International Marathon weekend of races April 29-30.

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