Posted by: Stan Russell | January 5, 2017

New Facebook Information Page / Pfeiffer Beach Closed

Hello Big Sur!

New Big Sur Information Facebook page
I’ve started a Big Sur Information Facebook page for these emergencies, road closures, fires, etc. People have indicated they like the conversational ability of Facebook posts and it does provide a platform to share information in real time with. Please join it here if you would like to be in the loop with the official information we receive from all the agencies and community members in the know.

Pfeiffer Beach is Closed
USFS has closed Pfeiffer Beach to the public and Sycamore Canyon Road, somewhere west of the Jardine property. They couldn’t give me an exact location but they say the road is being undermined. If anyone has a photo of this, please forward it to me. Signage should be posted at the top of the road at Highway 1 indicating the road and beach are closed. Residents have access.

Stan Russell, Executive Director

Big Sur Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 87
Big Sur, CA 93920
(831) 667-2100


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