Posted by: Stan Russell | January 10, 2017



Good morning everyone,

So the pictures below are from Fernwood (PM 47) and show what we were dealing with yesterday, basically we got enough room open for emergency vehicles to get through. All the trees in the slide damned everything up so we left it and will start removing it today. It was still pretty active dropping a 100 plus yards of material while we were there, so it might be somewhat of a slow process.

As for the update, Hwy. 1 still remains closed from Ragged Pt. (SLO PM 72.87) to Fernwood (MON PM 47.03). Emergency vehicles and locals can get from Treebones (PM 11.11) to Ragged Point…SOUTHBOUND ONLY. Locals in between Fuller’s (PM 42) and Fernwood (PM 47.03) can move between those five miles only. Hotline recording will remain the same. Another update will be provided around noontime today.



  1. Thanks so much for the updates, I’m hunkered down in Carmel, checking here hourly to see if there is any chance i can get to esalen today. Cheers and stay safe.

    • You’re welcome! Stay tuned! Another update around noon today.

    • Or knowing the landmarks… should I infer from this that I cannot get to esalen today? Any guidance is appreciated since I need to make lodging reservations if I cannot – (here from Kentucky).
      Thank you!

  2. Since I’m unfamiliar with the landmarks here, should I infer this means still no access to esalen?
    Thank you for the help. I’ve traveled from Kentucky to be here so holding on to any hope I can 😉

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