Posted by: Stan Russell | January 12, 2017

Hwy. 1 Closure Update as of 2:30 pm-Northern Closure Remains at Grimes Canyon (PM 42.0) and Southern Closure Remains at Ragged Pt. (SLO PM 72.87)


Good afternoon everyone,

Thank you for your patience in receiving our updates; cell phone reception was very difficult today.

Update to the Public and Locals:

The northern closure continues at Grimes Canyon (PM 42.0). The southern closure remains at Ragged Pt. (SLO, PM 72.87)

LOCAL RESIDENTS, EMERGENCY SERVICES AND EMPLOYEES will be allowed access from Grimes Canyon (PM 42) to Lucia (PM 23), as long as conditions allow.

LOCALS now have access to and from Ragged Pt. to Pitkins (PM 21.3). There are still multiple slides between Mud Creek (PM 8.8) and Paul’s Slide (PM 21.6).

but LOCALS needing access will be allowed in between.

So the update to the PUBLIC is: HWY. 1 REMAINS CLOSED from Ragged Pt. (SLO PM 72.87) to Grimes Canyon (MON PM 42). The hotline recording will be refreshed to reflect the changes. Another update will be provided tomorrow morning, soon after 9 am.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Be safe out there.

Next update tomorrow , Friday, January 13, in the morning


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