Posted by: Stan Russell | February 15, 2017

Regarding US Mail Delivery in Big Sur

From Fire Brigade via CPOA

Hello Everyone,

Following is an update from the Fire Brigade on U.S. mail delivery into and out of Big Sur.

Until further notice, there will be no U.S. mail delivery or pick up SOUTH of the Pfeiffer Bridge. The post office is closed for business, but any mail that may currently be in a PO Box may be picked up there.

Mail for those SOUTH of the bridge may now be picked up at the Monterey post office. Andrew and Eric will be based there and the post office phone (667-2305) will be forwarded and answered in Monterey.

If it is possible to get a van across the bridge tomorrow, packages currently in the post office will be moved to Monterey.

Normal mail deliveries will be made NORTH of the bridge.

Outgoing mail may be deposited in the blue mail box at River Inn (outside the general store) or may be placed in the outgoing mail slot at the bottom of Pfeiffer Ridge. Do not put any outgoing mail in the slot inside the post office or in the blue box at the post office.

There will be no pedestrian crossing on the bridge during periods of rain. Rain is forecast to begin Wednesday evening, so if you can, pick up whatever mail may be in the post office before then.

Every effort will be made to deliver mail on the South Coast depending on road conditions along Highway 1 and Nacimiento – Fergusson Road.

On another note, the Deli next to the post office will try to remain open as long as possible during the day for those who can walk there or drive from south of the Deli.


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