Posted by: Stan Russell | February 20, 2017

Helicopter flights

Thank you for all your calls to organize your flights in and out of Big Sur.  Below is the information for you to directly contact the company for your needs.  We have permission from Post Ranch to use their LZ but we still need to secure a LZ on the north side.  As mentioned before, the ball field will probably not be an option due to the condition of the day use road since the fire.  It will most likely be at Andrew Molera with State Parks permission.  The cost for the short hop between the PR LZ and Andrew Molera or wherever we set up the LZ will hopefully be quite reasonable.  Maybe a shuttle could be arranged back and forth.

The following is the information for flights out of Big Sur for the residents in the area:

Post Ranch LZ to Monterey Regional Airport will be $780 per flight. So, if there are three passengers it splits 3-ways, etc.. The helicopter seats up to three people, however there is no separate baggage compartment, so bag space is limited with all three seats filled (essentially whatever fits in each passenger’s lap, weight permitting). As of right now, flights will be flown as requests come in. We will do our best to line up multiple flights in order to amortize the ferry costs across all parties, which will in turn lower the total cost for each customer. Please contact Specialized Helicopters at (831) 763-2244 with any additional questions or to book a flight.

Also, we will be utilizing the facebook page, Big Sur Information to disseminate information on flights, open seats, price updates, landing locations, etc.

We are working on creating a Landing Zone north of the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge so we can create shorter shuttles and bring the price down. Stay tuned.


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