Posted by: Stan Russell | February 21, 2017

Helicopter Flights for Wednesday morning, Feb. 22

Hello Big Sur!

Here’s an update from Specialized Helicopters.

Specialized Helicopters will be providing flights in and out of Big Sur tomorrow, (Wednesday) from 8am to about noon or as needed. The only 2 authorized locations at this point are Monterey airport and Post Ranch Inn. So please plan your route from one of this locations to the other for now. The more seats we fill each way with persons or supplies the lower the per seat cost. Currently it is about $780 for us to fly round trip from Watsonville to Post Ranch Inn and back to Monterey. We are trying to keep the costs down for all involved and that takes coordination. So please be flexible if you can so we can accommodate as many as possible at the best possible price. Please call our office starting at 9am to coordinate a flight. We have several morning flights booked and have 1 or 2 seats to fill. (831) 763-2244

AMR is flying in two people and supplies on one flight and a second flight is flying in a water tech so there are two seats available to fly in on that flight. If the helicopter is full the price can be around $130/leg. I know there are homeowners trying to get back to their homes and there may be other unique needs and we are trying to accommodate these needs. We are still working on getting a landing zone closer to the north side of the bridge to bring the shuttle flight cost down to move people north over the bridge but at this point Highway 1 is closed at Granite Creek Bridge (PM 65) which puts it at Garrapata State Park.

You cannot leave your vehicle at Post Ranch Inn so if you are flying out you’ll need to make plans to be dropped off.

Stan Russell


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