Posted by: Stan Russell | March 2, 2017

Big Sur Resupply efforts for Big Sur Community, Friday, March 3

Patte Kronlund has been coordinating the resupply efforts for Big Sur community members and has this good news to share today.

58 Households order groceries at the Safeway at the Crossroads Shopping Center. The grocery delivery is being coordinated by Gerry Malais, the Director of the Monterey County OES, and will be air lifted to Post Ranch with distribution at the Big Sur Post Office at 10:30am tomorrow, March 3rd.

From Joe Miguel, Store Director at Carmel Safeway

I wanted to let you know the orders are ready for pick up. It was a real community effort as My wife Robin Montana from the middle school arranged for volunteers to come and shop for the families. We started at 3 am and will be 100% done by 12:30 PM. Everyone took a lot of pride in helping. Robin wanted to know if the middle school could send homework down to kids that can not commute to school, I gave her your number. Hope that’s ok?

Joe Miguel
Store Director
Carmel Safeway-2669-9


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