Posted by: Stan Russell | March 8, 2017

From Monterey County Economic Development Department

Good morning,

My name is Darby Marshall and I am with the Monterey County Economic Development Department. The County’s Economic Development Department is working on quantifying the economic losses due to the Pfeiffer Bridge and landslides on businesses. The information will be used to help the County plan the long term recovery of Big Sur and the immediate economic and social impacts that the community is suffering. The information gathered will be used by the County to work on identifying and justifying the need for resources to assist the Big Sur community. Any information we collect will be kept confidential and will only be used to prepare an economic impact report using the IMPLAN software system.

Because the outside world sees your economy as heavily influenced by the seasons, it would also be very helpful if the information can broke down by calendar quarter, e.g. January – March, so that we can develop a more detailed understanding of the impacts based on how long the closure lasts and the seasons that are impacted. We are also requesting information for 2014 through 2016 because of the disruption caused by the Soberanes Fire last year. Please provide as much of the following information as you feel comfortable releasing.

Please CheckPrimary Business Type of Business
Art Gallery
Casual Dining
Convenience Store w/ Fuel
Convenience Store w/o Fuel
Full Service Hotel/Resort
Full Service Restaurant
Timeframe Campground and / or Room Nights Booked Gross Payroll Gross Revenue Number of Employees
Jan – Mar 2014
April – June 2014
July – Sept 2014
Oct – Dec 2014
Jan – Mar 2015
April – June 2015
July – Sept 2015
Oct – Dec 2015
Jan – Mar 2016
April – June 2016
July – Sept 2016
Oct – Dec 2016

We would appreciate receiving any information you wish to share by March 17th so that we can begin our analysis. Information should be submitted to:

Darby Marshall
168 West Alisal St., 3rd Floor
Salinas, CA 93901
Facsimile 831.755-5398

Download PDF
2017-3-8 Big Sur Implan Data Request


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