Posted by: Stan Russell | March 10, 2017

Trail around Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge


Hello Everyone,

As announced in our email of March 3rd, a foot trail is being constructed around the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge that will enable locals to hike between the northern and southern closure of the bridge. This project is estimated to take about 5 weeks.

However, when possible, people may be allowed to hike the trail during certain periods of construction. These openings will be evaluated on a daily basis and announcements will be issued by the unified command in the evenings and made public.

Following is an update from the unified command.

“It has been determined by John Hiles, State Parks lead for construction of emergency trail, that it is not safe for pedestrians to be on the trail. The trail is a construction area and will be closed today, 3/10/17, to the public. This will be re-evaluated daily and communicated via the joint command. The crew is making great progress and we have 10 more community volunteers assisting the effort this morning.”



  1. My sons and I have been planning a bike tour down the coast. Would we be able to get bikes through around the bridge on this trail in a few months during our trip?

    • Hi Kevin, let me know if you get an answer, I am hoping to cycle down HWY 1 in April. A trail that walkers and cyclists could use seems a way that the route could be partially opened, even if cyclists had to walk it.

      • The bypass trail isn’t the only consideration. You have to be Big Sur resident to be within the closure. When Highway 1 opens to the public to drive on it will then be open to bicyclists as well.

  2. I have a bike tour planned as well. how can we access foot trail?

    • You have to be a Big Sur resident to be inside the closure area. When Highway 1 opens to vehicle traffic for the public it will then also be open to bicyclists.

      • Stan, don’t be such a Big Sur snob. Other people love the coast besides you. Is somebody standing at the trailhead making sure you have a Big Sur resident pass!

      • People are monitoring the trail but if you do happen to sneak through you can be fined $5,000 for entering a closed disaster area.

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