Posted by: Stan Russell | March 14, 2017

Pfeiffer Canyon Access Trail Progress

March 14, 2017

Daily trail progress update.

More progress was made again today on the access trial work. Many more steps were completed in addition to continual work on the actual trail.

There was an incident on the trail today that involved unauthorized use of trail that compromised the safety of the trail crew. The subject was trying to gain access to Post Ranch for work during hard closure. Subject was on the north side a few switchbacks up the new trail. Subject was contacted by a State Park Peace Officer and was asked to respect closure. Per witness statement, Subject threw a duffel bag down and stated short cut. The bag weighed an approximate 40 lbs. and was loaded with metal tools. Subject was issued a citation for violation of PC 409.5 (c) entering a disaster area. Subject was released without further incident

Gerry Malais, Monterey County OES, and Larry Notheis, Region 2 Director of the CCCs, toured the trail today.

Caltrans will eventually need the pullout at the south east side of the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge cleared for construction. Caltrans will give advance notice and the southern access to the trail will not be impacted by this future use.

Thank you to CCC crew from Monterey Bay Center, Watsonville. This crew will time out tomorrow, 3/15/17 at 1200 hrs. They will be immediately replaced by a CCC crew from San Luis Obispo.

Here are updated statistics provided by State Parks.

  • Total Trail tread completed today: 237 linear feet
  • Total heavy brushing completed: 1539 linear feet
  • Total light brushing completed: 778 linear feet
  • Total number of workers on trial: 13 CCC, 10 volunteers, 5 DPR

· 15 Wood crib steps have been completed

Trail crew lead recommends a hard closure of the trail on Wednesday, March 15th. Excavated retaining wall site and 3 step sections pose significant risk to public and can be damaged by unnecessary use.

Brent Marshall, Martha Karstens, Gerry Malais – Unified Command



  1. Hi, when the trail is complete, will cyclists be permitted to walk their bikes through it?

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