Posted by: Stan Russell | March 14, 2017

Update on dumpster for south coast and Pfeiffer Canyon Trail

From Maia Carroll, Monterey County Communications/Outreach

For Big Sur residents south of the bridge who need to get rid of accumulated trash, there will be a large dumpster delivered to Kirk Creek Campground tomorrow morning. Should be in place by noon.

March 13, 2017

Daily trail progress update.

More progress was made again today on the access trial work. Many more steps were completed in addition to continual work on the actual trail. There were 10 volunteers mostly from Ventana today led by Fire Brigade Engineer Rayner Marx. He said quite a bit of wood was also carried up today for tomorrows work.

Approximately 1/2 of the trial has been put in already. The top part of the trail was looking even better.

The Fire Brigade staffed a water tender with Jess Mason and Hubbs Hubback on the south side today for fire suppression

The work and progress on the trail will be reevaluated daily. The hard closure is still in place during trail construction.

The below statistics on the trail are provided by State Parks.

  • Total Trail tread completed: 739 linear feet
  • Total Trail tread completed today: 167 linear feet
  • Total heavy brushing completed: 1539 linear feet
  • Total light brushing completed: 778 linear feet
  • Total number of workers on trail: 13 CCC, 9 volunteers, 4 DPR

· 11 Wood crib steps have been completed

Brent Marshall, Martha Karstens, Gerry Malais – Unified Command


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