Posted by: Stan Russell | March 17, 2017

Highway 1 Projects Schedule Update

Hi All –

We want to provide you with a quick update on the current schedule for the three biggest challenges on Highway 1:

Mud Creek (PM 8.9)

· We are in the process of developing a solution at Mud Creek. This slide is finally slowing down, allowing us to safely evaluate.

· We anticipate no public access in April.

· Local access will continue to be restricted to daylight hours and is subject to change.

Paul’s Slide (PM 21.6)

· Work on the permanent repair has begun.

· There will be no public access in April, and the probability of public access in May is low.

· Local access will be limited to two times per day, 6:30-7:00am and 7:30-8:00pm.

Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge (PM 45.52)

· We have evaluated all possibilities and a temporary bridge for vehicular or pedestrian access is not feasible due to conflicts it would create during construction.

· We are in the midst of developing a detailed construction schedule.

· With all the information we have today, we believe that the bridge will be open to traffic in six months.

We will continue to look for all opportunities to increase access for both local residents and the public, and will keep you updated as conditions change.

Thank you for all your support and cooperation and we all get through this. We don’t expect any changes in the next few days, so please accept my sincere wishes for you to have an excellent weekend!

Susana Z. Cruz

Caltrans District 5

Acting Manager

Public Information Office

Gerente Interino

Oficina de Relaciones Públicas

para Caltrans en el Distrito 5



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