Posted by: Stan Russell | March 18, 2017

Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge Demolition Progress March 17, 2017

Photos from March 17, 2017
Stan Russell

The demolition of the bridge continued today until a hydraulic line broke on the hoe ram, the machine that has been smashing the concrete on the bridge. The team has obliterated the concrete deck off the bridge leaving the twisted rebar to fall away. The demolition team are now up to the failing column. Once they have smashed the deck and supporting concrete and rebar away from the column the bridge will collapse. A broken hydraulic line on the hoe ram halted work this afternoon but they will continue Saturday, March 18.

The hoe ram is obliterating the concrete section by section working its way toward the failing column that is still holding the bridge up.

Here you can see the abutment on the right and the failing column in the lower center through the twisted rebar. The hoe ram has been systematically smashing the deck concrete and separating it from the rebar. Once the concrete over and adjacent to the supporting column is iliminated, the bridge will fall. The hoe ram blew an hydraulic line which halted work this afternoon. Saturday, after installing a new hydraulic line, they will attack the last concrete sections over the column and the bridge will collapse, theoretically. She has been a worthy opponent to her own demise.

The welder, normally dangling inside this cage from a 300 foot crane, steps outside the safety of his basket, although still tethered, to lean over and examine the rebar and communicate with his associates.

Welder cutting the larger rebar to further destabilize the bridge.



  1. Has Caltrans provided an update on when the bridge will be completely demolished and the hillside stabilitized so they can start on the new bridge?

    • They estimate they’ll be done demolition in a week. They have already started building the new bridge.

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