Posted by: Stan Russell | March 23, 2017

Big Sur Jade Festival Postponed

Big Sur Jade Festival Postponed

It is with great regret that I write to tell you that once again the Big Sur Jade Festival is canceled for May 5, 6, 7! As you know, Big Sur and Highway 1 have suffered massive damages this winter to render the area “not ready for prime time”. The conditions on Highway 1 are such that people from the north & south would have had to travel through the narrow 1 & 1/2 lane mountain road of Nacimiento-Fergusson, making travel very long and dangerous, with the amount of people who would be coming. With winter conditions still upon us, travel over that road could be impassable at any time. We were certain the USFS would not have issued us a permit under those conditions. So to be prudent, we canceled the festival for the May dates and are reverting back to the Oct. 6-8 dates. We know that may be fire season once again, but are trying to remain optimistic!

It seems incredulous to cancel the festival once again, but this has been 1 hell of a year in Big Sur between the fires starting in July and slides beginning in January, just 6 months apart! There will be an announcement on our website & Facebook, but please tell everyone you know to once again look forward to an October festival. We’ll have our 25th, yet!

Once again, my sincere apologies. Thank you for your understanding.
Lisa Gering & the Big Sur Jade Festival Committee



  1. This is absurd.
    There are over six weeks to go before the target dates : a modular, temporary replacement bridge should have been choppered in by now and the Highway returned to some normality.
    The passivity displayed is disturbing.

    • We’ll put our faith in real engineers to make these decisions.

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